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Posted by Don Stevens on August 20, 2018 at 8:01pm 2 Comments

Calling all Starfleet officers, this could be you! You could be sitting in the "Captain's Chair" of this starship!! I will pick one person to draw as a captain, or rank of your choice, sitting in this TOS era captains chair on this bridge. This bridge is much like the bridge of the USS ENTERPRISE NCC 1701. This is a free contest and here's how you can win!!!

1) Write a paragraph telling everyone why you like Star Trek: The Original Series, who your favorite characters is, and what your favorite part of Star Trek is.

2) Submit a picture of you sitting in a chair, as if you were sitting in that "Captain's Chair."

3) Tell us who your "Star Trek Crush" is. Any character from The Original Series run for this contest.

Rules: You have to be a member of TREKSPACE to play and win, either current or have joined before the end date, and submitted an entry. The contest goes between 8/20/18-9/20/18. The winner will be drawn from a hat during a video where I'll be in uniform with one of my crew members.


This is a fan run contest brought to you by the USS RESCUE and the HECATE BATTLE GROUP. You have to be a member of TREKSPACE to play, but not the USS RESCUE or the HECATE BATTLE GROUP... but we'd welcome you to join!

Star Trek Discovery

Posted by Spot Speaks on October 16, 2017 at 4:58pm 13 Comments

With the.........ummm.............animosity JJ Abrams got with his adaptation of Star Trek, which really didn't win over many hard core Trekkers and Trekkies, what do you think of Star Trek Discovery?

Let's get Trekspace back up and running.

Posted by Olly White on June 1, 2018 at 12:31am 13 Comments

I used to love visiting this site. I imagine it's all on Facebook now but it would be great to get Trekspace going again.

Where Is Everyone Over and Over....

Posted by Jennifer on August 14, 2018 at 5:00am 5 Comments

Everyone keeps asking and making blog posts about what happened to everyone here. Well, you’ve heard of Facebook? That’s right, the place you go argue about Star Trek topics every single day. If you want more activity here, be here, bring your friends over. There you go!

The only thing that is living in a dark corner here is me. I’m getting rid of 1,000s of spammers, new spam members are running wild awaiting approval, bad accounts and coding a whole new place where Star Trek fans can safely dwell without ads (because I personally pay for this website), and unlike that other social site who has been under the gun lately there are no security risks here, nor are there information dumps or news feeds that are backwards (Facebook). But all the ‘events’, and annoying things people abuse here are about to go! I’m going to have to double my budget monthly to keep this place going and update it, so it is our hope that many people return when it’s more streamlined. 

I will send out a full site wide message to all members to let them know of the changes when they are complete. Until then, go post in the forums instead of posting a blog.


Jen’Hadar and The Others

WizKids New Frontier

Posted by Clive Burrell on August 17, 2015 at 2:56am 0 Comments


As regular readers will know I've become a bit of a fan/obsessive over Attack Wing.


Which made Friday's announcement from Wizkids somewhat worrying. At least initially.


It appears that in February 2016 the game manufacturer will be delivering us Star Trek: Frontiers, offering a whole new spin on the franchise through roleplay and strategy. According to the promo material that landed this weekend, it will offer something new with players beaming away teams to planet surfaces and getting a different game each time.


Apparently it's going to be a bit of a spin on Mage Knight which is not a game I'm familiar with in any way so for myself it'll be a great, unexplored experience to dive into. I suspect for those people who have played that game it's not going to be a big deal. The Venture Tile System is the piece which will probably be key in making this stand out from Attack Wing and is the element borrowed from Mage Knight. This means that every game is constructed effectively…


Attack Wing Wave 15

Posted by Clive Burrell on June 29, 2015 at 2:46am 0 Comments

June's Attack Wing expansions have arrived and after a week of getting to slam them through their paces, let's look at the results...


As usual there are three diverse ships to add/subtract/mix and match with your existing fleet(s) although how many of us have been gagging for the Bajoran scout ship Ratosha may well be the biggest mystery of the year.


Probably one of the first model versions of the vessel which could usually be found ferrying just about anybody from Bajor to Deep Space Nine, I can only think players will be wanting to buy a few of these to go alongside their Bajoran interceptor(s). A low squadron points starship (18), the Ratosha won't get you anywhere at pace but with your options for this faction fairly limited you're going to be stuck with very few other places to go. That low total does mean that an "average" 40 squadron points per ship is going to get you a tidy amount of upgrades which you might want to choose from the accompanying pack.


Options for captain come from the season two trilogy opener…


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